Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hiccup Inc: How did it all happen?

So, how did this "Hiccup" thing all get started? Well, here we go. Jake is working for this rockin' scrapbook company called Basic Grey. They have rad paper, but I really am not "scrappy" at all. So he's designing super cool stuff and I'm not doing anything with it...until...I had an idea. What could I make out of this paper...or any other paper for that matter...that could be super cute for Milo's (my little sidekick) room? Then...the flood gates opened and ideas came pouring in. I played around for awhile, producing things and decided to put them on etsy. Next thing I know, I get an email from Martha Stewart's production team asking me for samples! WOW! Who knew?


Meg & Franklin said...

I love the blocks! What a rad idea. I cant wait to see you on tv. See ya soon, Love Meg

Joshua & Lindsay said...

You guys are an awesome team,! Way to go!!